Cultiva Clothing

JOIN THE HEMP REVOLUTION! We are Cultiva Clothing, a brand which signifies longevity with hemp. We see our products designed in a way that will allow them to last longer than synthetic products made with man's strongest fibre. This collection is hemp fibre focused with British design in mind. We specialise in hemp textiles products including garments, accessories, masks, boutique care products, homeware, paper and fabrics. We follow the ethos of ‘Made to Mend’, a concept created to empower the people to work with hemp to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and water usage. We can protect our resources by using high yield, fast growing crops such as industrial hemp which as a bioremediation crop can put life back into our soils. Chemical free, these naturally dyed products protect water against toxins and therefore allow our eco-system to flourish. Carefully created sustainable design which includes the entire life cycle of each product ensuring none of our production ends up in landfill with their biodegradable properties. Custom Services Along side our fantastic sustainable collection, we also offer an opportunity of custom label products and bespoke design products. If you have an idea of a hemp fibre product, we can produce it for you. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch by 'sending a message' through the Greenlight Marketplace portal.