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Small Round Cork Backpack - Natural
GBP £60.00
Only 1 left!

Compact vegan backpack, handmade from natural cork. It features a cute round shape, frontal and back pockets (which close with a zipper), as well as adjustable straps. In its roomy interior (which fully closes with a zipper), you will find yet another pocket for your wallet or phone. Cork leather features a naturally occurring pattern native to the tree it was harvested from - each backpack is unique. The perfect eco-friendly gift for any age.

♡ 25 x 22 x 10 cm
♡ 3 zip pockets
♡ Water-resistant
♡ Handmade
♡ 100% Peta-approved vegan
♡ Eco-friendly
♡ Sustainable
♡ Biodegradable
♡ Ethical

All our cork bags are 100% PETA-approved vegan and are free from cruelty and chemicals. Cork bark is harvested ethically and in an Eco-friendly, sustainable way, it is then turned into cork leather which is an extremely durable, naturally stain and water-resistant material. Cork is also very easy to clean, just use a damp soft cloth and it will be good as new! If treated with care, this bag will last you a lifetime.

Clothing/Accessories category: New Clothing/Accessories
Material(s) category: Natural biodegradable materials
Materials: Cork fabric, Cotton
Shared values: Cruelty free, Plastic free, Vegan
Certifications/Standards/Trademarks: PETA-Approved Vegan
Location: Brighton, United Kingdom
Country of origin: Portugal
Packaging: Recycled & recyclable packaging

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