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Himalayan Jeans
GBP £120.00
Fit Waist:

The World's First Himalayan Hemp Jeans. Naturally keeps sweat, odour and UV rays away. With earthly benefits, it can save 3500 litres of water per pair of jeans.

Since this product is a part of Kick-starter project, they will arrive in February 2021.

Long-lasting Design

The material Himalayan Hemp gets better with every use. You can pass it on to the next generations! Also our design is classic and timeless - these pieces of jeans will NEVER go out of fashion.

Reusability and Recyclability

All the materials used are 100% biodegradable.

Sustainable Materials

We use Himalayan Hemp - probably the world's only carbon negative textile fibre to make both the product and packaging of the product.

Environmentally Friendly Factories

We make the fibre in-house in the most sustainable manner possible using a 100% rain-fed hemp crop, working with non-hazardous chemicals, and compressed natural gas as our heat source! For making the denim Jeans - we have a partner factory that uses recycled water and natural indigo dyes making them completely environmentally friendly.

Clothing/Accessories category: New Clothing/Accessories
Material(s) category: Natural biodegradable materials
Materials: 100% Hemp
Shared values: Cruelty free, Organic, Plastic free, Vegan
Location: London
Country of origin: India
Packaging: Recyclable packaging

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