Welcome to greenlight market! Your one stop-shop for planetkind products from our much loved independent sellers.

We are a small team of nature lovers based in the UK who genuinely care about people, animals and planet and the idea for this marketplace has been borne from our own difficulties finding products that are as kind to all life and our beautiful home as much as possible.

Our aims are:-

  • to save ethical Consumers time searching for products that meet your values
  • to support small brilliant planetkind businesses & enable you to market your products on an ethical marketplace
  • to actively promote planetkind (vegan, eco-friendly & sustainable) products through our marketplace, social media channels & blogs/influencers
  • to make planetkind products more accessible to everyone

As we wait for various industries to evolve to greener/more sustainable standards, which is becoming more urgent by the day, we aim to provide clarity and transparency so that you can shop planetkind with confidence. We are strictly against greenwashing, but also recognise that becoming fully sustainable is very much a work in progress.

In addition to offering only planetkind products, we are delighted to be planting a tree with TreeSisters for every sale/purchase made on our platform, whose vitally important projects are not only capturing carbon but are also helping to restore nature and ecosystems, integrating them with local people and empowering women worldwide. If you would like to view our trees planted, please click on 'More' to view our dedicated page.  

We hope that you enjoy buying 'less but better' with us and look forward to improving and offering more & more beautiful planetkind products and features as we grow sustainably together.